Friday, September 13, 2013

A Thing of Beauty

       Thanks to Pinterest, I am pulled toward lovely things. Whether it be fashion, food, fitness etc., I can instantly come up with a list of things that could easily fit into a supposed "dream life." While I realize that scrolling through lovely pictures is not a bad thing, there is so much more to life than that. What does it matter what we have, if we are terrible to each other. Nobody is perfect, but we women have the wonderful opportunity to be supportive of each other, fostering growth and confidence. There's something truly special about the way women can start a conversation with a stranger in the bathroom, all because they liked their makeup, shoes or outfit. I want to be remembered, first and foremost, as someone whose inner beauty out-shined anything else. Yet, it wouldn't hurt to be well dressed, super crafty and fit on top of that.
      So, in the journey to instill a desire to be a lovely person from the inside out, I am not forgetting about the little lovely things that don't define, but polish the already incredibly lovely people we are and are becoming. It's okay to have dreams, as long as they don't rob you from the present reality.

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